Tips to Finish Concrete Block

Concrete block is functional. It can be used to build the wall located in the garden, basement, backyard, front gate or even inside the house. To make the appearance of your concrete block more fascinating, you need to utilize the right technique on how to finish the concrete block. Thus, you eyes can perceive the uniqueness and attractiveness of your wall as the supporting characters for the main decoration. If you think that the wall in your house needs to be refinished, you have to make sure that it is listed on your next project. In this article, you will get some tips to finish the concrete block so that your house will look valuable.

concrete wall design Tips to Finish Concrete Block

concrete wall design

What you have to do first is preparing the scratch coat. This tool is used to rub the concrete block so that it gives you a smooth and soft appeal when you see and touch it. The finished concrete block offers more decent appeal than the block. You may apply another way of finishing. It is called as skim coating. What you have to do is combining the scratch coat with a flat metal trowel. Next, you need to apply both on the face of the block and begin to smooth it patiently. You will see that the result is so satisfying.You may also implement a whitewash. This kind of concrete block has been trusted by all of the people to coat the concrete wall in various kinds. In the modern era, you will be able to get an additional additives found in the assortment. It may include the anti-molding, dyes, and anti bacterial agents. If we compare it to the scratch coating, the whitewash is also able to produce similar finish look. If you want to give colors to the whitewash, you may paint this concrete block using a paintbrush and a roller.

concrete wall interior design1 Tips to Finish Concrete Block

concrete wall interior design

You may also enjoy the stucco concrete block. Finishing this concrete can be done in several methods. You may employ the easiest one up to the hardest one. Good spraying technique can be conducted if you want to achieve speckled appeal of concrete block. If you want to get a layered look, you may use your hand when rubbing the concrete block. Such method is named as knock down or drops down finished technique. You can do some coloring in this stucco. Various colors can be added to increase the appearance of your concrete block wall.

concrete wall Tips to Finish Concrete Block

concrete wall

The other technique of finishing is by painting the concrete wall. You need to implement the main coat correctly before you apply the paint. The paint can be in various form and types. You may buy the water based paint, acrylics, and oil based paint. When choosing the colors, you have to select the suitable colors based on the interior and exterior of the house. You may also smear your favorite colors. Yellow, green, pink, red, or brown can improve the wall. You should never underestimate the look of the wall in your house, since it is crucial as a complement to harmonize the other things in both on the outside and inside the house with concrete block wall.

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