Moorish Interior Design

If you want your house look exotic and more Islamic, you may need to pick the Moorish interior design. In western society, such style is not really popular, but if you want to have a unique house, you may have it. Moorish interior design has been used since middle ages by Moor people in some countries like Portugal, Spain as well as North Africa. Such design carries colorful accent with its spicy and earthy hues implemented on the element of the house like the selection of furniture, paint of the wall, ceiling and also the fabrics. Moorish interior design is not passive for it allows the home owners to carry decorative element in any kinds of form like beads, rich Islamic pattern, ornamented iron wrought items, and also vibrant texture for the fabric. If you want to get Moorish interior design, you have better to read the whole explanation below for more ideas about its application and method. So, let’s have a look.

Moorish Interior Design Moorish Interior Design

Moorish Interior Design

Let’s decide the first element of the Moorish interior design by picking the right color scheme in the house. The best inspiration that you may derive to get the perfect color is the hues and shades of the jewelry tones. Some of the examples can be in the form of topaz yellow, sapphire blue, amethyst purple, ruby red, emerald green as even turquoise. If you are a fan of blue color, you don’t have to worry. The Mediterranean blue can be a great color to be implemented on your wall and ceiling. In this Moorish interior design, you have more choices and options when it comes about the selection of colors. You are allowed to combine all of the colors above as a unity in your room. If there are one or two colors that you do not like, you may drop it.

Colorful Moorish Interior Design Moorish Interior Design

Colorful Moorish Interior Design

Now it is the time for discussing the fabric and furniture used to express the Moorish interior design. Unlike the contemporary and any other interior designs, you need to get carved wood furniture with some decorative and embroidered accent to convey the rich feeling of this style. You may also need to pick low furniture instead the high ones. The table can be made from mosaic with some colorful accent. You may also add some wrought iron furniture. The area rug must be good to deliver here. You may get it from the store in Persian model. The fabric used in this Moorish interior design must be faltering, rich and striking especially for the selection of upholstery, drapes and also curtain.

Moorish Interior Design for Dining Room Moorish Interior Design

Moorish Interior Design for Dining Room

Your Moorish interior design is not complete if you do not add any Moor accessories. It can be in the shape of tea light holder. You may hunt it in the flea market. When in your last interior design you have used wall sconce or even pendant lighting for having the illumination, you may need to get Moorish lamps. If you love to have candelabra, it is better for you to have it made from wrought iron material. The candle holder is also a great thing to utilize in the dining room. You may get it made in mosaic accent for your exotic Moorish interior design.

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