Log Furniture Ideas

The rustic feeling in the house can be perceived well by the presence of log furniture ideas. Log is a nice material that the manufacturers used to make furniture pieces like table, chair, dresser and many more. The log furniture definitely is different if you compare it with other types of materials like plastic, wrought iron, or vinyl furniture pieces. The biggest difference lies on the fact that it comes from a tree. It looks natural. People who want to have cabin, cottage, rustic and country house usually should pick the log furniture as the main element. If you think that log furniture is only suitable with your rustic house, you are wrong. It looks great to place on your modern house. The decor can bring a sense of eclectic feeling by mixing and matching the items including the furniture.

Log Furniture Log Furniture Ideas

Log Furniture

In the post I will show you several types of log furniture ideas that you can shop in the market. Let’s begin the entry level of the log furniture with log futon. If you have a small house, the log futon is a perfect solution for you. It is suitable for one-room cabin without a guest room. The log futon can be utilized as a bed frame and a couch. It offers you with the natural sense of sleeping in the wilderness. The reclining log futon will give you an experience just like sleeping on the on a branch of a tree. It is definitely rustic and suitable for the people who have limited area.

Log Furniture Bedroom Log Furniture Ideas

Log Furniture Bedroom

You can combine the log futon with plaid and gingham decorating style. The next type of log furniture is a log table. This is one of the important furniture pieces that you should present when you want to have a nice home. The grain of the wood should be exposed. The log of the table should reflect the look of a bark tree. There are many hand crafted stores in the market which sell such items. The ring of the tree can be a nice thing to view when you stare at the log table. The table in the rustic house can make you perceive the setting in the forest. The ambiance will be cool and enticing.

Log Furniture Ideas Log Furniture Ideas

Log Furniture Ideas

As the seating area, you can place some chairs upholstered in steel or even chrome accent. It can deliver the contrasting effect without making the room look crowded. The last log furniture for the house is log stool. The people living in a cramped house can have this type of log furniture as the space saving solution. The guests who come to your house will be comfortable to sit in the stool without feeling tight. The log stool is perfect to locate in the kitchen and in the bar area. This log furniture is perfect for enhancing the rural look in the house. You can paint the log stool with some colors if you love with sleek effect for your nice log furniture.

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