Interior Design: L-Shaped Living Room

Decorating the L-Shaped living room is a challenging interior design to apply. Such design is so popular. What makes this L-shaped getting such popularity is because of the odd and unique design. The L-shaped offers the home owners with more practical appeal for the living room. Actually the L-shaped is appropriate for any kinds of room in house. You may implement the design for kitchen, dining room or even your home office, but you need to employ the right technique and method for the interior design. In this article, we will focus only at decorating the L-shaped living room.

L Shaped Living Room Design Interior Design: L Shaped Living Room

L-Shaped Living Room Design

If you want to design the dining room in L-shaped, you may follow this L-shaped living room since the basic idea is the same. If you can carry the look correctly, you will enjoy the usual use space available. There are many things that you have to consider when you want to get the appeal and character of L-shaped living room. The upholstery, furniture, fabric, lighting, and other ornamental accessories must be regarded to enhance the quality of L-shaped living room by taking you back to the 1950s. So, let’s follow the tips below.

L Shaped Living Room Ideas Interior Design: L Shaped Living Room

L-Shaped Living Room Ideas

The first to determine when you want to get the L-shaped living room is by selecting a focal point for every part of the living room. Some of the interesting focal points can be in the form of bookcase, fireplace or even large window. The fireplace must be decorated in charming and pleasurable appearance. You may add some decoration and accurate to beautify its mantel. Some pictures, photo frame, a vase of flowers or even miniature of flags can distract the attention of the visitors. The bookcase can create a focus if you can pick the decorative shape and design. The next thing to do on your L-shaped living room is by locating largest furniture in every part of the room section. You may place it near the focal point. To make it tidy and neat, you need to arrange the furniture in great style. If you pick the sofa or a dining area as the largest furniture, you need to arrange it in 90 degree angle. One thing to consider is that you have to make sure the size of the furniture is proportional with the whole dimension of this L-shaped living room.

Natural L Shaped Living Room Interior Design: L Shaped Living Room

Natural L-Shaped Living Room

Since there is much bare space left, you need to fill it with exciting small furniture and accessory so that you L-shaped living room will not look empty. Some of the interesting elements can be in the form of sofa table, small cabinet, or even tiny buffet. An area rug is also exceptional to carry pleasurable feeling. Since there are two sides of L-Shaped living room, you need to get a clear pathway between decorations. The pattern of the room must be decorated clearly. If it is still vogue, you probably need to rearrange it. The lighting arrangement must be great. You may manage the lighting in two directions so that it will never give any glare and shadow me your L-shaped living room design.

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