How to Create an Outdoor Fairy Garden House

Girls will really like fairy garden for in their imagination it really exists. The fairy tale can be transformed in real world by giving some section of your yard to accommodate such need. Not only the girl but also the boy will really like it when they hear this brilliant idea from you. This fairy garden can be used in many ways. It can become the gathering place, a play area for the kids, a relaxing place for yoga, an exercising, or even retreating place. You may think that adding a magic in your fairy garden will be difficult, but you are totally wrong.

fairy garden How to Create an Outdoor Fairy Garden House

fairy garden

After reading this article, you will find out how easy is renovating and redesigning the landscape as a fairy garden that you always want. You just have to apply some natural elements around the garden to carry such look. Rolling foothills combined with grass and dirt is good ideas to get the fairy hunts in the garden. Thus, you need to decide first the location of your fairy garden, let’s take a look at the tips and method provided below for simple ways to mak fairy garden at home.

fairy garden model How to Create an Outdoor Fairy Garden House

fairy garden model

The first thing to design is the door of the fairy garden. If you know the shape of the birdhouse, you will get the ideas that a fairy door has similar shape. It is made from wood and you need to enlarge it so that can fit with the size of your children and adult if you want too. You may see knife and saw. You may have it in rectangular form. This birdhouse for the children needs to be painted so that it will be more attractive and enticing. You may choose the colors in earthy hue like brown or tan. You may also choose the mute olive green shade. You can also mix and match the colors so that it can look colorful.

fairy garden design How to Create an Outdoor Fairy Garden House

fairy garden design

The birdhouse in this fairy garden will look plain if you do not decorate it with the suitable accessories. You may get twig, mosses, pebbles, shell, greenery, grass, leaves or even vines surrounding the birdhouse. If you have much time to preoccupy with the design of the house, you may decorate the border of the door, window, or even roof by using pebbles and shell. The roof is great and can unite with the garden if you wrap it using moss. You may use the glue to attach it and leave it for fifteen minutes until it dries well. Then you may locate your excellent and stunning fairy garden house on the suitable area. On the front door, you may label it with the words ‘fairy garden’. It will be amazing if you can install a pathway directing the visitors to the fairy garden house. Each side of the pathway can be planted by using some colorful flowers to make it brighter. You may also add some accessories in this fairy garden design like stone, mini fountain, fairy statues or even some miniature of dwarf.

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