Hand Painted Furniture Ideas

Hand painted furniture is something unique and exciting. The people who have a lot of leisure time at home can get this project to update the look of their furniture. Furniture in the house should in fresh condition if you want to preserve the interesting look. The hand painted furniture can deliver many types of atmosphere. You can paint it to coordinate with the look of your traditional, art deco, contemporary, country, mid-century, or even retro house. You can gain some inspiration for ideas in the internet and interior design magazine. In this post I will show you some hand painted furniture ideas that you may try at home. The first idea for the hand painted furniture lies on the stencil decoration.

Hand Painted Furniture Hand Painted Furniture Ideas

Hand Painted Furniture

There are many types of images that you can get. You can enjoy flower images for your kitchen cabinet. The china cabinet in the kitchen is a great subject to transform. The base coat for the cabinet can be in creamy hue. The people whose cabinet in the kitchen is too drab and old fashioned can get the ideas of hand painted furniture with shabby chic style. You can combine 2 up to 3 colors on the hand painted furniture. Let me give you an example about it. The flower in the hand painted furniture can be in blue and pink, while the leaves are in green.

Hand Painted Furniture Ideas Hand Painted Furniture Ideas

Hand Painted Furniture Ideas

The people who love with colonial folk art can have the hand painted furniture replicating the image of colonial times. You can enjoy the images of trees, sheep, sunflower, cows, farm, and rows of heart, flower, leaves, or even shaft of wheat. All of them are perfect for your colonial hand painted furniture. The people who have daughter in the room can pick the bright color for delivering the sweet and nice effect. You can have the enticing color to make the atmosphere vibrant and striking. The vanity table can be seen in bright chartreuse. The bright purple color is a nice thing to apply. The stool for the vanity can be in chartreuse flower images.

Hand Painted Furniture Style Hand Painted Furniture Ideas

Hand Painted Furniture Style

The next thing that you can do in the furniture is painting it on gingham. There are several colors that you can pick such as bright blue, periwinkle, green and pink. If you are interested to have gingham pattern on the furniture, make sure that the surface of the wood is not finished. The base coat in for this hand painted furniture can be in acrylic and semi gloss color. The chair in the room should receive the hand painted accent. You can select the freehand whimsical as the best selection to go. Let me give you the instance about the application. You can paint the base for the chair with blue color. The back side of the chair should be in black for harmonious look. The multi colored accent on the leg for the chairs can bring uniqueness of the exotic hand painted furniture.

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