Bedroom Design: Camouflage Bedroom

Camouflage bedroom is becoming a trend in these present days. Kids usually are the ones who are interested to get such a look right away on their bedroom. Camouflage bedroom is a challenging interior design since the parents need to get its characteristics. Both boys and girls can have this look since it will never differentiate any gender. The main point to concern to have such appeal actually is easy. You have to make sure that everything in your kid’s bedroom is suitable and appropriate. All of the furniture, bedding, and accessories must be harmonized as a whole unit to bring this atmosphere.  The bedroom needs to be orderly maintained for its arrangement and hygiene. In this post, let me give you the best ways to make a camouflage bedroom for your kids.

Camouflage Bedroom Bedroom Design: Camouflage Bedroom

Camouflage Bedroom

The first thing to determine is the interior design. You may pick the military style that can spin around. It you run out of ideas, you may search about Army or even Navy look. You may go for some military items found in some stores. There are various types of army look provided. You may apply from desert fatigue color, khaki green, modern army, and woodland brown colors. Furthermore, vintage war, fighter grays, and crisp blacks can be good decisions too.

Camouflage Bedroom furniture Bedroom Design: Camouflage Bedroom

Camouflage Bedroom Furniture

The furniture needs to be fitted with your design too. If you do not have any amount of money, you may search for secondhand furniture. You may choose the furniture with the same color accent. If you want to have a nightstand, you may look for a metal locker to achieve this appeal. You also get a table lamp crafted in army look so that it can suit with your camouflage bedroom. You may bring some objects related to military like the artificial bomber, tank, ship, plane or flag. One thing to remember is that the color and the accent must be suitable.

Camouflage Bedroom Wall Bedroom Design: Camouflage Bedroom

Camouflage Bedroom Wall

Camouflage bedroom needs you to redesign the wall and flooring. For safe interior design, you may paint the wall in neutral color. For the details, you need to apply darker color so that it will look deeper. If your flooring is made from wood, you may add a carpet of rug which edge is designed using camouflage style. When you have been done with the wall and flooring, you need to select the right bedding for creating camouflage bedroom. You have to be playful with colors. You may apply electric blue or lime green color for the bedding accent. Those colors can blend with the whole colors in your camouflage bedroom. Moreover, some additional colors like jungle camouflage and woodland are also good opt. For nicer appeal, you may go for the secondary color to decorate so that the camouflage bedroom looks fantastic. If there is a window in your room, you need to treat it based on the camouflage bedroom too. It will be nice if you go for neutral color or you may paint in similar color with your cabinet and dressers. All these ideas certainly can carry camouflage bedroom interior.

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